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Hey there,

My name is Andi and I’m also known as RuxPlay on my YouTube channel! I love to create, record and edit videos for my channel. Currently I produce Minecraft and Gaming Videos. You can expect anything from a cool 2D Game or something totally new!

I also love to play other videogames, such as Pokemon, The Legend of Zelda, Bravely Default, The Sims, Portal and many more 🙂

I’m also a student graphic designer, I create and edit all of the images you see on my channels’ thumbnails, banners or video overlays

7 thoughts on “Hey there,”

  1. Gamereyes: Anthony says:

    Awesome First Reply

    1. Rux says:

      Thank you! 🙂

  2. Shane M says:

    Heya! Awesome job on the Edi’s shaders! Version 3 is the best performing shader I have tested, and also looks the best overall in my opinion. I have a request that hopefully you can assist with or even accommodate. I’m looking for a way to disable the volumetric clouds entirely so I can use the regular minecraft clouds instead, which means the cloud transparency feature implemented now would also have to be disabled along with the volumetric cloud rendering. Also, stars do not appear with this shader at night unfortunately, and I am looking for a way to enable those as well. Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, and once again, great work!

  3. Merphiën says:

    Love your channel!

    1. Rux says:

      Thanks!! 😀

  4. NexLoshok says:

    Hmm, you wouldn’t happen to have a mine craft account named NexLoshok, would you? just wondering because 4 days ago someone casually changed my name to that and thought i didn’t notice and it seems a lil suss that that name is apparently linked to you and my account was apparently hacked and converted to this name. not implying anything, maybe just a rampant fan but still worth a shot, if it happens to be you, bad choice of target m9…

    1. Rux says:

      Sorry to hear that about your account! Sadly I don’t have any information about it. What I would do is contact Mojang Support to see which steps you can take further to get your account back, as it’s your valid purchase. Also I have twitter for faster repies @andi 🙂

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