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Edi’s Shaders | Minecraft Realism Shader with High FPS!

Edi's Realisim Shader l 1.7-1.8 (V3!)

Edi’s Shader Pack – Realism Shader for 1.7 – 1.8 & higher

Edi’s Realism Minecraft Shaders are an awesome shader pack to get high fps and make minecraft look realistic with water, sun flares, clouds and much more with no lag in minecraft and the best fps! Check it out below!

Edi’s Shader V1: The first Shader Version 1 (1.7 – 1.8)
Information: This version gives you the most FPS!

Edi’s Shader V2: Second Shader Version with New Water, Clouds & more! (1.7-1.8)
Information: This version is not compatible with AMD Cards

Edi’s Shader V3: (NEW) New Water and fake volumetric clouds & much more! (1.7-1.8)
Information: Is now compatible with AMD Cards, but with a Water bug

(Please FIRST Extract this Download with 7Zip or WinRar as it contains all three versions: lite, med, ultra)

Minecraft Shaders Mod Downloads: Version 1.10Version 1.9

Resource Pack used in my top shaders video: RuxPlay Pack

Click to show Credits

-Chocapic! That i can use your Shader for mine! 🙂
-(chocapic13s-shaders) Link
-De Delner! For his Help and for his awsome Dirty Lans in my V2 Version! 🙂
-(dedelner) Link
-Rux! That i can make my Thread on your Page! 🙂
-(ruxplay-pack) Link
-Kyronix! That he maked a link of my Thread! 🙂
-(karyonix) Link
-Stazza! For his awsome Rain Lans! 🙂
-(super-shaders) Link

62 thoughts on “Edi’s Shaders | Minecraft Realism Shader with High FPS!”

  1. Ketan says:

    After download , how do you install edi shaders. step by step explanation would be appreciated. Thanks

    1. Rux says:

      Sure! Do you already have the shaders mod installed? If yes you need to drag the .zip files into your shaderpacks folder located in .minecraft 🙂

    2. Wikrtor says:

      edi whats the id for your realisim


  2. Jovany says:

    Im using Optifine and idk how to install it from there

    1. Rux says:

      I’ve got a tutorial how to install the shaders mod on my YouTube channel 🙂

      1. Xx_IGotHacks_xX says:

        It says it’s a .rar file, what do I do?

        1. Rux says:

          You need to unarchive the .RAR file. Once you done that you will find the shader pack .ZIPs for low, med & high 🙂

          1. Xx_IGotHacks_xX says:

            how we do that? xD

          2. Rux says:

            You can do that by using a program such as 7ZIP or WinRAR 🙂

        2. Xx_IGotHacks_xX says:

          nevermind it works now! 😀

          1. Xx_IGotHacks_xX says:

            (Lol just right clicked, clicked “rename” and renamed it to a .zip) xD

          2. Xx_IGotHacks_xX says:

            Nope it doesn’t work now! D: What do I do to make it an ACTUAL .zip?

          3. Rux says:

            No, you need to extract the .RAR file because the three different shaderpack versions are inside the rar 🙂 Once you have extracted it you will have three .ZIPs

          4. Xx_IGotHacks_xX says:

            So, just double click and extract the 3 pack’s out of it?

          5. Rux says:

            If you have WinRAR, right click -> extract here

          6. Xx_IGotHacks_xX says:

            BTW in case this helps, I got an ASUS win. 10 computer

          7. Xx_IGotHacks_xX says:

            ok ill try what you just said

          8. Xx_IGotHacks_xX says:

            It dunz work. D: I figured out for it to say “Extract all” though when I do it, nothin happens, though imma give it one more try

          9. Xx_IGotHacks_xX says:

            It’s in my shader packs list, but when I click it, it doesn’t work, it doesn’t show the shaders.

          10. Xx_IGotHacks_xX says:

            ok, i got 7Zip and it works now! 😀 Thx for this shaders! I wanted a good one without fps drop, and i think i got one! gotta test it, and i believe it’ll work! 😀

          11. Xx_IGotHacks_xX says:

            It works, but it drops my fps. i get about like 200 fps but it brought me down to like 20 with it on

          12. Xx_IGotHacks_xX says:

            works now

        3. Xx_IGotHacks_xX says:

          was using V3, so imma go to V1 and try that FPS actually 😀

  3. Mineshow says:

    Thanks for sharing this amazing shaders with us! yay 🙂

    1. Rux says:

      Thank you! ;3

  4. SQRLBRD says:

    is there a zip file for mac? all the downloads say its .zip but they all download a .rar file.

    1. Rux says:

      You can use a free app called: the unarchiver to open rar files on Mac 🙂

      1. SQRLBRD says:

        I installed the shaders, but when I turn them on everything just gets a bit brighter. what do I do

        1. Rux says:

          Which Mac are you using? It might be your graphics card o:

  5. sebastian says:

    I installed it but it didn’t load in minecraft what do I do :[

    1. Rux says:

      Did you select the shader pack?

  6. Legendarian says:

    I’m running on a WIndows 10 computer; pretty slow though, only 4G RAM, so I tried to download the file but it gave me a .rar, so I tried compressing it into a .zip, but it doesn’t do anything to my game display…

    1. Rux says:

      Did you download V3? Because that one contains the version inside the rar file, so you need to extract it before 🙂

  7. YognaughtAce says:

    Love this pack but the lighting is a little to bright in the next version maybe tune it down a bit thanks

  8. Flitzky says:

    Mines just crashes…Can you help?

  9. Tirobo says:

    That video said that there was a v3 low,
    In the downloads I can’t find it?
    Could you help, because I really want it, but it doesn’t show up for me…

    1. Rux says:

      Hey 🙂 the download for v3 is the last link in the list, you will get a .rar file with all the different versions!

  10. MrPancakeMix6 says:

    Every time I load in, it says there was an error with the water file, so I get the default water. Any Ideas?

  11. davidnorden says:

    Does this work on 1.9?

    1. davidnorden says:

      and when i download it a get a file but when i put it in to the ShaderPack folder it doesn’t show up in Minecfart!! Do u have to install anything else? I am on Mac!

  12. davidnorden says:

    Opps i said Minefart… XD

  13. MrPancakeMix6 says:

    How do I fix the gbuffers_water

    1. Rux says:

      Have you tried updating your Graphics Drivers and Java version? 🙂

      1. MrPancakeMix6 says:

        I have checked and both are fully up to date, and it still doesn’t work.

      2. MrPancakeMix6 says:

        What else do you think is the problem?

  14. Pretzel_Gaming says:

    Idk how to make it into a folder can u help me

    1. Rux says:

      Which version are you trying to install? You should be able to drag the shaderpack .ZIP file into your shaderpacks folder located in ‘.minecraft/shaderpacks/’

      Let me know! 🙂

  15. Brotato Chip says:

    Would v1 work on windows 7?

    1. Rux says:

      Yes! 🙂

  16. Brotato Chip says:

    Do u recommend forge for a download? this looks really cool!

  17. Brotato Chip says:

    oops I realized u don’t need forge. Im so dumb. 🙁

  18. Brotato Chip says:

    One last thing… im probably getting u so annoyed… Do I install it the same way the download vid for ur other shaders works?

  19. Brotsto Chip says:

    RUX HELP! when I try to open the download my computer says that it is not a “supported file.” could u help me?

    1. Rux says:

      Have you installed WinRar or 7Zip? 🙂

  20. Lane Ike says:

    terrible, all i got was a rar fie with an empty folder WTF!

    1. Rux says:

      That must be an error, have you tried downloading again? Or opening it with winRar?

  21. PikaDe says:

    Why it is not working with minecraft 1.10 version ?

    1. Rux says:

      It is working for me, which version are you trying to use?

  22. Gavin Buzby says:

    Hi I like the shader but there is a glitch where if you enter the End the ground is invisible and you can only see the endermen and ender dragon

  23. ItsArmz_ says:

    RUX HELP ME RUX HELP ME! i installed the v3 low shaders and installed it using optifine, forge and shaders mod, but when i play it’s just a black screen 🙁

    1. Rux says:

      Hey, have your tried using v2?

  24. Wikrtor says:

    i want a shaders pack the best shaders pack

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