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How to install Minecraft Shader Mod 1.10 | GLSL Shaders 1.10


After the release of Minecraft 1.10 I am showing you how to install the Minecraft Shaders Mod for 1.10 and Optifine!

  • Step 1: Download the optifine file below and extract it
  • Step 2: Run the installer
  • Step 3: Launch Minecraft with the new Optifine Profile
  • Step 4: In Minecraft go to options -> video settings -> shaders
  • Step 5: Select your shader packs just as in any other version before.


2 thoughts on “How to install Minecraft Shader Mod 1.10 | GLSL Shaders 1.10”

  1. jonne says:

    my computer is decent, runs csgo max settings 300fps and mc i have locked max settings 500fps. but when i try to use shaders, i get basically 0fps. why?

  2. uniqueminute419 says:

    whenever i try to open andinstall the minecraft 1.10 optifine you showed us it says that i dont have a 1.10. and i need to make 1 mainly. I already do,but is it because i need to make a 1.10 world?

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