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Minecraft 1.8: Top 5 Minecraft Shader Packs Reviewed!

Hey there everyone, today I wanted to share my top 5 shader packs that I think are absolutely worth checking out and just look amazing! They are all tested by a professional rux to ensure top shading quality. I hope you enjoy this top list of the best shaders and be sure to tell me in the comments below which is your favorite minecraft shader !

#5: SEUS v10 Shader:

Seus shaders feature some amazing shading, super realistic 3d clouds and some amazing lighting such as when you hold a torch it would lighten up the blocks around you! The seus shader is a great overall choice for everyone that want to make their minecraft look more realistic.

SEUS / Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders v10.1 - Minecraft 1.8 Mods

SEUS / Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shaders v10.1 – Minecraft 1.8 Mods

#4: Slidurs Shader:

This shader is a very nice choice for all fans of amazing water and optical flares! It features some amazing colors and saturation and makes minecraft feel like a new game!

Slidurs Shaders

Slidurs Shaders

#3: RudoPlays Shader

One of my all time favorite shader packs must definitely be the rudoplays shader pack. It’s been one of the packs I have been using for so long and just looks great because it’s so colorful, bright and makes everything look amazing. Also did I already mention the water? It’s just sooo good, amazing!

RudoPlays Shader

RudoPlays Minecraft 1.8 Shader Pack Screenshot

#2: Chocapic Shader

This shader is also an awesome choice for everyone that loves bright colors and pretty water. It has some really amazing optical flares and makes your minecraft look like a new expericence! Also the shader is very light if you want to get high FPS.

Minecraft 1.8 Shader Pack Screenshot

Minecraft 1.8 Chocapic Shader Pack Screenshot

#1: Kuda Shaders

These have been my new favourite shaders of the month! The Kuda shaders just look amazingly anywhere. With the perfect amount of saturation and amazing water shaders. Also the clouds look so realistic! These are some beautiful shaders you really should try out! If you want high fps I would recommend you try the lite or medium version, I’m using the extreme shader pack.

KUDA Shaders v5

Minecraft 1.8 Shader Pack Screenshot

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