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Minecraft: Top Christmas Skins and Resource Packs 1.8 / 2015!

Christmas Resource Packs: Have you been stuck searching for a good resource pack for this holiday? Then look no further! Here are my top christmas resource packs for Minecraft 1.8 and 1.7! I hope you enjoy this collection of texture packs that include, sphax, herr sommer and more!

Christmas Resource Packs List:

Herr Sommer Christmas Resource Packs 1. HerrSommer A Christmas Carol – 1.8
The Christmas Carol resource pack brings the real atmosphere of the season to your game. Even the mobs can’t resist, with Endermen donning santa hats and coats and zombies dressing up as gingerbread men. Blocks are redecorated with some high-definition textures that suit the winter wonderland theme, and spawnable elf helpers can lend a hand in your snow-dusted Christmas village.

Sphax XmasBDCraft Christmas Resource Packs

2. Sphax BDCraft Xmas Edition
Sphax’s Xmas Craft pack covers the surface of all grass blocks to a thick blanket of snow, grows baubles on trees, and wraps up plenty of other blocks in a festive christmas wrap. Some special blocks such as netherrack also have awesome animated textures for that added holiday sprinkle.

2013-12-14_163308_6819809Zaurx Craft Christmas Resource Pack
This resource pack has stunning textures, brilliant custom sounds, and a cool custom language Zaurx Craft CHRISTMAS includes: Custom textures, custom sounds, custom language “English (US)”, a frosty Christmas feel, no rain (Snow instead), no chickens (Turkeys instead, with CUSTOM SOUNDS!), Santa villagers with CUSTOM SOUNDS! and much MUCH more!

Best Minecraft Christmas Skins

You need to dress to impress when it comes to the Christmas party, and just because your shindig is in the virtual world of Minecraft doesn’t give you any excuse. Get kitted out in these festive threads and you’ll absolutely look the part.

minecraft christmas gingerbread skin_0

Download this skin: Gingerbread Man

minecraft christmas elf skin_0

Download this Skin: Elf Skin

minecraft christmas santa skin

Download this Skin: Santa Skin

minecraft christmas creeper santa skin

Download this Skin: Creeper Santa Skin

minecraft christmas rudolph skin

Download this Skin: Rudolph Skin


Do you want more Christmas Resource Packs? Leave a comment below with your favorite packs and we will help you out! Also don’t forget to check out this awesome video showcasing all the best resource packs for minecraft 1.8 and 1.7.10 below! Be sure to leave a thumbs up and leave a subscribe! Also be sure to check out my facebook page for more exclusive minecraft related posts, videos, pictures and much more.

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